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Novice Dungeon Runs - Nov. 11: Caudecus's Manor - Explorable (45+)

Ridire de na Capall Buí
Ridire de na Capall Buí
Posted On: 11/10/2012 at 01:29 PM
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Novice Dungeon Runs

Caudecus's Manor - Explorable


This week, NDR will be heading back to Caudecus's Manor to assist both the Asura and Seraph delegation in matters of utmost importance. (Paths 2 & 3) Some of these paths have some very unique fights and requirements so a lot of fun (and hopefully not a lot of wipes) will come our way.

All people who meet the level requirement (45+) are welcome to attend. We'll be running at least 2 runs, with the first being Path 3. Depending on attendance and requests we will then either venture back in for Path 2, or go back for Story mode to help anyone that missed last week. Please make sure to show up early if possible (though we'll usually wait about 5 minutes while we get groups together). The faster everyone gets into party, the sooner we can head in.

In case we have an odd number of people or late comers for the first run, those folks will be able to join in groups during the second run. (We'll make announcements in guild chat when the second run is starting.) As always, if you know the route and can post events and wish to lead a party for this, please let me know.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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