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Gaiscioch Family Vault Credits

Family Vault Credits or FVC is the currency of the Gaiscioch Family. It can be used to request supplies for crafting, crafted goods, and some select drops found throughout the world. In addition it can at times be used to gain access to special events and opportunities sometimes given to our family by our partner development studios and hardware manufacturers. All members earn Family Vault Credits by participating in events and by filling work orders on the marketplace. Additionally you can earn additional Family Vault Credits by participating in promotional and charity events.

How Family Vault Credits Are Calculated:

Family Honor Point + Contribution = Family Vault Credit

Family Vault Credits are continuous and don't reset for each game you play with us. You can use your credits you earned in RIFT to purchase crafted goods in Guild Wars 2 and use the Credits you earned out in WvWvW one evening in Guild Wars 2, to make your character raid ready in RIFT. The more you participate the more points you earn.