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Earning Victory Points

Victories come in various sizes. Some victories are small, others are unbelievable. Victory points are calculated by the size of the group required to complete an objective successfully. A 5 player objective awards less than one that requires 100 players to complete. These victory points are then used to calculate your Warlord Rank which is a suffix that is applied to your Family Rank and controls the level of objectives you can claim. Members can earn victory points faster by leading larger events. Only the primary leader or host of an event will earn victory points.

In addition leaders should not claim a large objective if they are not the one giving directions. If a leader "tags along" with a larger force that is not a claimable objective. Leadership should only be claimed when one is in charge of the event at hand. If other raid groups join in your event, you may claim the event only if you are the one in charge.

Players Required Objective Victory Points
4+ Single Group Basic 1
10+ Multi-Group Elite 2
20+ Raid Group Epic 3
50+ Multi-Raid Group Legendary 4
100+ Legion Group Mythical 5