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Korzak's Blog

May 17th, 2021

All Aboard the Rune Priest Renown Train!!

Korzak (the dwarf of Iron Breaking fame) is now renown rank 82. Finally. It's taken quite a bit of time to progress from 81 to 82, but mostly because I havn't been playing Korzak very much. That's not to say that I've not been active, no, I've been more than active. I've been chugging along on my Rune Priest, Lorkig.

The crazy rate of renown gain from the progression pack, coupled with the crazy rate of renown gain from out of group healing with a dash of crazy AAO bonus is, well, crazy. The Rune Priest is a very active healing class, with lots of options for out of group heals, which makes them perfect for the keep defense/assault/warcamp skirmish leaching. Just run around the keep looking for people taking damage and start HoTing and spot healing. Look for those bands of Order pushing around the sides raking in some kills and try to help keep them up. It's actually alot of fun to help keep random Order players up just to piss off all those Destro trying so hard to kill them...

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May 17th, 2021

Keep it in the Circus!

Ran another successful Lost Vale this Friday and Saturday. It's very good to be able to pick up a new person or two and still make it through the whole thing. This week we subbed in Docroc for Vampiresbane, and ran him all the way through it, and it was his first time in the dungeon!

We only did the left and right wings on Friday night, cause a few of us were about to fall asleep at the keyboard. It was a little rougher than our last pass, but we made it through, and got a couple pieces of gear in the process. Saturday, we picked up and rocked down the middle wing with no difficulties, and then ran up against N'Kari. Last week, we rolled through everything super smooth, then brickwalled on N'Kari, and we were determined not to have the same problem this week.

We tried a couple different things this time around, worked on our coordination and communication throughout the fight, and after a dozen or more attempts we finally put the huge bitch down. N'Kari really is one of the more difficult PvE fights I've encountered...

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May 17th, 2021

A Sovereign Cloak! . . . again

I'll start out with the good news that sounds less like the tantrum of a young child. I'm no longer alone in the Gaiscioch at rank 80. It was fantastic to see Craythur finally hit the mark, just a couple weeks after myself. I was starting to get lonely!


I suppose that I've been putting in alot of time on my other higher rank alts, my Rune Priest is 42 and my Engineer is now 50. I suppose I've been staying out of the city quite a bit on Korzak. I guess one could even say I've backed off a bit as far as overall playtime goes. But dammit I'm tired of getting the same item every time in the Stage III gold bags! Last night I jumped into a second run with Nezz, which is always nice. I usually get to be in the first group, with the good healers and dps which is fun, and I'm guaranteed a stage 3 win (and bag, most of the time). We did well, though destro did stay and fight us, and I won my sov bag, only to find it containing cloak number 5...

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May 17th, 2021

Lost and Found: Vale. Again.

Mamby Pamby Elves. I think that pretty well sums up the Lost Vale. Those damn pointy ears are at it again. And by 'it' I mean crying and moping and being too mamby pamby to go save their own queen. But what can you expect from elves. Hah.

For the second week in a row, Hellreike, Craythur, Vampiresbane, Helmm, Oldroar(sm) and I (on Tuhb) have gotten together and made a nice run on Lost Vale. Last week we ran left and right wing on Friday and center on Saturday, but this week we managed to get all the way through it, except for N'Kari, on Friday. Tomorrow we're gonna go knock out N'Kari quick. Or that's the plan.

I think it went quicker this week because we now know, and remember, how our group is going to set up and run each fight. There were a couple that we didn't one-shot, but it was do to small errors or lag that couldn't be avoided. We cruised through the spider boss, and later through the lightning and tree bosses, which is always a pleasant experience. Hopefully in a few more runs, we'll be pretty well outfitted and we can start bringing in new folks and pass on some of what we've learned...

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May 17th, 2021

To Kill Boss 5

Last night, Craythur, Don, Hellreike, Tallahassee, Blocked and I decided to pick up where we left off in Tomb of the Vulture Lord, at boss 5. We'd made pretty decent time getting through boss 1-4 on Monday evening, teaching the fights to those that had yet to do them, and I was hoping we'd have some success on boss 5. I think half or more of the through had at least been to that particular fight before, and we all agreed it was probably the most difficult. So a little after 8 central we go in and got started... and 3 and a half hours later, we still had not completed the encounter. We made quite a bit of progress, and I think we all had our particular tasks down to a T, but due to exhaustion and game 'features', we didn't quite manage to bring the boss down. So a bit of a defeat, but after making the progress we did, I think we'll be back at it again next week.

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May 17th, 2021

Life with No Purple

Korzak Ironweaver turned RR 80 on Saturday, and after the long grind, I can say that it was quite a bit of fun, and a nice achievement to have. I've already caught myself midflight heading to zones to 'catch the flip', even though it doesn't benefit my character. It is nice, however, to not be concerned about hanging out on a BO or Keep to catch the renown.

So what have I been up to since getting Korz to 80? Well, I've got a couple alts already at 40 that I need to work on, my Engineer Tuhb (my original main, for those of you who've been aroudn that long) and my Rune Priest Lorkig. Tuhb is nearly RR 48, and after playing him a bit over the weekend, I'm excited to get him moving and see if I can relearn the class that got me addicted to this game in the first place. Lorkig is only 37 or 38, but his RR has been moving fast, and I've been able to successfully heal for a couple decent groups with my friends from Blessed Empire. I like both classes quite a bit, and I like having the options to fill up holes for any dungeons...

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May 17th, 2021

I Wrote a Guide!

I've been saying that I should write up a guide for RvR tanking since I was RR 65 or so, and now that I'm just shy of 80 I've finally taken the time to put down what I think are essentials for a tank, and then tagged on some of my opinions as well. Hope ya'll find it useful, and don't be afraid to ask me if you've got questions about it, or to point out any errors.

Speaking of being just shy of 80... wow. I didn't ever honestly believe I'd be in this position, but here I am. And you know what? I'm not looking forward to it at all. I'm certainly glad I have other characters that I enjoy playing, since I think Korzak will only be coming out to do Cities and to help when others need a tank for PvE. There IS still alot I'd like to do with Korzak, like get full Tyrant, my Sovereign weapons and the rest of my Sovereign armorset, but not being able to see those purple numbers anymore is gonna be a bummer for sure.


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